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Digital economy: Minister Alioune Sall will carry out a...

As part of his appointment within the very first government of President Bassirou Diomaye Faye, Mr. Alioune Sall, the new Minister...

Technological innovation: Senegal Numerique relies on DAUST

The aim of this collaboration is to open new perspectives and work together to stimulate innovation, research and...

Artificial Intelligence at the heart of a collaboration agreement...

The digital age is radically transforming our environment, introducing continuous innovations in all sectors, including...

All our flagship projects

With a perfect combination of expertise and passion, our team daily takes on the challenge of excellence and successfully completes the most ambitious projects.

On the use of satellite data
Connection of Administrative Buildings via LTE
Industrialization of dematerialization
Public Administration Digitalization Program
Structural Support Project for the Digital Territorial Planning Strategy
How Senegal Numerique SA is building the future
A comprehensive infrastructure of fiber optic network and equipment for the digital connectivity of Senegal
Digitalization of administrative procedures
Project for the Improvement and Modernization of Administrative Messaging
Shared Management of Territory and Geographic Information
Tele Request for Administrative Acts
Project for the Harmonization and Modernization of Government Websites

Our expertise

We help administrations tackle their greatest challenges by providing unparalleled services in the fields of strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and delegated operations management.

Defining new success strategies for the Administration by combining in-depth knowledge of their fields and an understanding of the impact of technological revolutions.
Supporting the transformation of the Administration by offering the best of our expertise to reshape their profession and stay competitive in the digital era.
Unlocking the potential of digital by creating new value drivers for the Administration through our expertise in analytics, design, DevOps, digital marketing, and mobility.
Administering and maintaining state infrastructure for systems, computer networks, and telecommunications.
Responsiveness, efficiency and rigor underpin our actions. Actions which are essentially based on a good quality policy

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