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  Senegal Digital at the SIPEN 2024 meeting
Senegal Digital at the SIPEN 2024 meeting
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It was a noted and remarkable participation of Senegal Numerique SA in the 7th edition of the International Exhibition of Digital Economy Professionals (SIPEN). This event, which was held on Thursday June 27 and Friday June 28, 2024, was chaired by the Minister of Communication, Telecommunications and Digital Affairs, Alioune SALL. The brand new Managing Director of Senegal Numerique SA, Isidore Diouf, distinguished himself by promoting start-ups and participating in high-level panels.

Organized by the Organization of Digital Professionals (OPTIC), this show highlights the importance of an inclusive and sustainable digital economy. Senegal Numerique SA, which fully supports this vision, has highlighted five promising start-ups by facilitating their participation. These are Yello, specializing in Ed-Tech (distance learning), GalsenAI (artificial intelligence), ArrawTech (processing of agricultural products), Logidoo (delivery) and CAYTU (robotics). In addition to providing them with stands, Isidore Diouf expressed his intention to strengthen collaboration with these young companies whose innovative solutions deserve more visibility.

“This show was a valuable opportunity to measure the enthusiasm and the new dynamics that Senegal is adopting in the rise of digital technology across all sectors. The ingenuity of start-ups and SS2Is, as well as their commercial strategies and products oriented towards "resolving the key problems of the Senegalese", reassured me about the awareness of the actors concerning the direction to follow, it is that is to say, putting the citizen at the heart of our initiatives,” declared Isidore Diouf after visiting the stands and welcoming numerous visitors to the Senegal Numerique stand.

Another highlight of SIPEN 2024 was the high-level panels, in particular the one whose theme was: “the digitalization of administrative procedures: state of play and perspectives”. Senegal Numerique was particularly prominent there. The CEO of SENUM SA highlighted the company's efforts in digitalization, emphasizing the need to go beyond the 13% of dematerialized processes out of the nearly 900 procedures listed on the platform.

“Senegal Numerique (SENUM) will obviously fully play its role to intensify this collective and transversal dynamic. The course was set by the Minister of Digital, Mr. Alioune Sall, and by His Excellency President Bassirou Diomaye Faye: full digitalization in the short and medium term! », concluded Isidore Diouf.

This year's SIPEN had the theme: “The Acceleration of Digitalization, a powerful lever for competitiveness of the Senegalese and African Economy”. It brought together many players in the digital sector, highlighting the crucial importance of innovation and collaboration for the economic and technological development of Senegal.


07 Jul 2024

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