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  Strategic framework
Strategic framework

The strategic landscape in Senegal is marked by the strong desire displayed by the President of the Republic to make digital a lever for transformation. This desire is manifested through the validation of the National Digital Strategy for 2025 (SN2025). SN2025 aims to make digital a driver of economic and social development by 2025.

The Senegal Digital Strategy 2016 – 2025
The “Digital Senegal 2025” strategy was developed based on the guidelines set by the PSE. It embodies Senegal's ambition to maintain a position as an innovative leading country in Africa in the digital field. It consists of three (3) prerequisites:

• Prerequisite 1: The legal and institutional framework
• Prerequisite 2: Human capital
• Prerequisite 3: Digital trust

and four (4) priority areas:
• Axis 1: Open and affordable access to digital networks and services
• Axis 2: A connected Administration serving citizens and businesses
• Axis 3: Promoting an innovative and value-creating digital industry
• Axis 4: The diffusion of digital technology in priority economic sectors

These prerequisites and axes are structured around the slogan “digital for all and for all uses in 2025 in Senegal with a dynamic and innovative private sector in an efficient ecosystem”.

The total cost of the action plan consisting of 28 reforms and 69 projects is 1.361 billion CFA francs.

Role of Senegal Numerique SA
The National Society of Senegal Digital SA as a structure responsible for implementing the State's computerization policy as well as the management of its digital infrastructures operationalizes axis 2 of SN2025 which is devoted to the Administration connected to the services of citizens and businesses. Senegal Numérique SA also contributes to the achievement of other areas.

The actions carried out for the acceleration and diffusion of digital technologies in the Administration make it possible to profoundly transform the economy on the one hand with the improvement of administrative services, and on the other hand with the improvement of productivity in key sectors in close collaboration with the national private sector and the digital ecosystem in particular. With regard to administration, Senegal Numérique SA will therefore, as a driver of this digital transformation, support it by integrating three dimensions which are:

• Human Capital
• Organization and processes
• Technologies

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