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  The key players in green digital
The key players in green digital

The Center for Disabled People at Work (CHAT), key players in greener digital technology

While its environmental footprint continues to grow, the digital sector is emblematic of this dual capital issue.
For a long time, it has been accepted that digital technology has an overall positive impact on the environment thanks to the countless optimizations and dematerializations it allows.
This is why the CHAT of the Directorate of Waste Management of Electronic and Electrical Equipment (DGD3E) has made recycling a credo in Senegal.

1. Historical
The CHAT is a computer reconditioning center created on the initiative of the President of the Republic and his partners, namely the company AXA Assurances France and the city of Besançon.
The breaking of the first stone was carried out on Saturday June 3, 2006 by the President of the Republic, HE Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, in the presence of Messrs. Jean-Louis Fousseret, mayor of the city of Besançon and François Pierson, CEO of Axa Assurances France.
The inauguration took place on Monday April 6, 2009 by the said authorities.

2. Activities
It is at this center that all computers and other electronic equipment sent to Société Senegal Numerique SA are reconditioned. The particularity of this center is that only disabled people work there.
CHAT allows disabled people to overcome the barriers of their disability and prove that disability does not necessarily mean begging and therefore allows the DGD3E to fight against social exclusion.

2.1.1 Reconditioning
The computers received are checked, cleaned and regenerated, with educational software for their final use in the multimedia rooms that Senegal Numérique sets up in schools throughout Senegal.
Indeed, once the computers arrive at the center, they are stored in the designated hangar for this purpose.
From there, they are taken to the workshop for reconditioning.

2.1.2 Dismantling
CHAT is also fully involved in the e-waste project, because it is the disabled who dismantle WEEE.
The dismantling process consists of three phases:

Senegal Numérique, in partnership with the structures concerned, recovers WEEE and stores it on its premises.

Diagnostic :
Once arrived, the equipment is first tested to see its functionality. Equipment that works will not be dismantled, but reused in multimedia rooms for the benefit of students or vulnerable groups.

If a machine can no longer be used, it is dismantled cleanly, carefully and according to the required safety standards, and its components isolated.

Sorting - Ranking:
Once the machine is dismantled, the components are sorted, labeled and classified, and stored for future processing.
Address :
You have computer and/or electronic equipment (computer, keyboard, removable disk, battery, etc.) at home or in the office that you no longer use,
contact the Department of Waste Management of Electronic and Electrical Equipment (DGD3E) located in Colobane, Route du Canal IV Telephone (+221) 33 869 82 30.

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