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  Technological innovation: Senegal Numerique relies on DAUST
Technological innovation: Senegal Numerique relies on DAUST
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Dakar American University of Science and Technology (DAUST), in Somone (Mbour Department), welcomed the General Director of Senegal Numerique SA, Cheikh Bakhoum, at the head of a restricted delegation for the signing of a partnership agreement. On site, Sidy Ndaw, rector and founder of this temple of knowledge for new professions in digital technology, technological innovation and artificial intelligence, opened the doors of the campus where the work was held. presentation of the projects which should henceforth link the two parties.

The aim of this collaboration is to open new perspectives and work together to stimulate innovation, research and development in our country. Thus, the two parties are engaging in a dynamic aimed at further boosting the growing digital movement, digital technology and innovation.

Sidy Ndaw, rector and founder of Dakar DAUST, underlines the importance of collaboration while magnifying the technical and financial support of Senegal Numerique SA for the establishment of a virtualization laboratory on the premises of the university: “This partnership with Senegal Numerique is really broad, but initially, it revolves around the development of specific technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, monitoring, remote control of electrical systems and solar energy systems and hybrid, as well as the virtualization of health records.

These are technologies that we were able to develop at DAUST thanks to the technical and logistical support of Senegal Numerique which provided us with equipment for this work.”

It must be said that this type of long-term partnership allows DAUST to work with Senegal Numerique to better establish its teachings, but also and above all to create new innovations at a time when artificial intelligence occupies the center of interest of debates in the global digital ecosystem.

Which makes the rector say that this collaboration is doubly beneficial for the university: “First, it allows students to work on real problems, “wicked problems”, and through this, to create experience for these students.

On the other hand, this really allows Senegal Numerique to have an R&D arm at the university.

So they don't need to spend too much on R&D and can focus on what they do day to day.”

18 Tues 2024

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