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  Artificial Intelligence at the heart of a collaboration agreement between Senegal Numerique SA and Galsen AI
Artificial Intelligence at the heart of a collaboration agreement between Senegal Numerique SA and Galsen AI
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The company Senegal Numerique SA took a significant step this morning by signing a partnership agreement with the Galsen AI platform. The ceremony took place this Wednesday March 13, 2024 during a Masterclass on the theme "Innovation in public administration in the era of Artificial Intelligence", organized by the Senegal Numérique innovation laboratory "InnovLab" in collaboration with Galsen AI.

The digital age is radically transforming our environment, introducing continuous innovations in all sectors, including public administration. At the heart of this transformation is artificial intelligence (AI), providing unprecedented opportunities to improve the efficiency, transparency and personalization of public services.


“This convention is part of GalsenIALab, a component of the community dedicated to innovative AI projects. It comes at a time when Senegal Numerique SA has set up InnovLab, also working on innovation in the digital field in general,” reacted Derguene Mbaye, Manager of the Galsen AI Community, the first artificial intelligence community in Senegal.


Thus, this agreement allows the two entities to explore use cases linked to artificial intelligence in order to apply them in value-added contexts for Senegal Numerique. It is in this sense that this 3-year partnership was established, with annual roadmaps to specify all the projects and use cases on which Galsen AI and Senegal Numerique will work together. “Currently, we have identified a few, including the design of a sentiment analysis system to collect information on the quality of services offered by Senum SA to the public by analyzing data from social networks in order to measure user satisfaction with a particular service,” explained Derguene Mbaye.


Welcoming this partnership on artificial intelligence, the Managing Director of Senegal Numerique estimated that “Senegal and Africa should not miss the train in the history of this technology and should have their say on the AI revolution. According to Cheikh Bakhoum, “this agreement will generate innovative projects and useful solutions for Senegal”. “We have already identified projects to work on thanks to the dynamism of LabInnov” agreed the Galsen AI community manager.


These initiatives help, among other things, to encourage the adoption of a culture of innovation and continuous learning. The evolution of the discussions during this meeting will significantly contribute to the implementation of innovative solutions within our administration. Please note that GalsenIA is a community that works to popularize and build capacity in the field of AI, as well as to develop innovative projects focused on local issues.


This partnership agreement marks the start of a fruitful collaboration between Senegal Numerique SA and Galsen AI, aiming to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence to transform and modernize public services in Senegal.

14 Tues 2024

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