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Positively impacting the Administration in terms of performance, rationalization, efficiency and even productivity through our projects and services is a priesthood for us.

By necessity, the Agency has positioned itself as the driving force behind the digital transformation of the Administration. The Administration is gradually modernizing. The establishment of a high-speed infrastructure has made it possible to bring together the different administrations and facilitate their exchanges via the administrative intranet. The implementation of management, communication and decision-making support tools contributes to an electronic Administration, closer to users, with better quality of service.

This digitalization of administration involves:

• Improving the internal organization of administrations with the systematic overhaul of internal processes with a view to greater efficiency (more in line with the quality expected by users) and a significant reduction in costs;
• The use of digital tools by agents for the needs of daily activities for speed in the processing of files;
• The dematerialization of administrative procedures, thus allowing better transparency of public action
• Posting public information online through ministry websites in order to encourage citizen participation in the development of public decisions;
• The pooling of data exchanges in order to eliminate multiple and redundant entry of information and to facilitate the customer experience.
• Preservation of the State’s information heritage

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