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  Senegal Digital at GITEX Africa 2024: rain of opportunities on Moroccan soil
Senegal Digital at GITEX Africa 2024: rain of opportunities on Moroccan soil
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The national company in charge of managing Senegal's digital infrastructure, Senegal Numerique SA, participated in the second edition of GITEX Africa 2024, a flagship event for technological innovation in Africa organized in Marrakech from May 29 to 31, 2024.

This event brings together professionals and thought leaders from around the world to explore the latest technology trends. Senegal Numerique this year supported start-ups such as DAUST University, Sunu Trip, Assuraf, Adafri, OuiCarry and Sen Startup, offering them the opportunity to promote their innovations.


Senegal Numerique also took advantage of its participation to seal strategic partnerships with key players in the digital sector in Africa and the Middle East. Among them, Elm, a Saudi digital solutions company, with which negotiations began during the previous edition of GITEX. By signing this memorandum of understanding (MoU), Elm undertakes to seek financial partners in the company of Senegal Numerique SA, for the establishment of a digitization and electronic archiving center compliant with international standards.


Cheikh Bakhoum, outgoing general director of Senegal Numerique, also signed an important partnership with the Moroccan Digital Development Agency (ADD). This partnership, which strengthens South-South cooperation, mainly aims to share expertise in digital transformation, the exchange of feedback, the interoperability of systems to improve the efficiency of public and private services, as well as the promotion of digital inclusion and the development of digital platforms and applications. Training, strengthening digital skills, support for innovation and research, as well as change management are also among the major axes of this collaboration.


GITEX Africa 2024 was also an opportunity to attend panels, meetings and masterclasses on major themes such as “Building a unified digital Africa”, “Connectivity” and “Digital cities”. Representatives of Senegal Numerique participated in the most impactful meetings, notably those of the Council of African Information and Technology Agencies (CAITA) of Smart Africa, the side event of the Senegalese delegation chaired by the Minister of Civil Service and of Public Sector Reform, Olivier Boucal, accompanied by the Ambassador of Senegal to Morocco, Seynabou Dial, as well as the Forum of African Leaders in Digital Health.


During these three days, representatives of Senegal Numerique presented the company, its achievements and its missions, with the aim of attracting partners and investors interested in their various areas of technological intervention.

03th June 2024

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