A Digital Senegal for all...

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We find ourselves at a pivotal moment, carrying an essential mission: to propel the digital transformation of our country, by initiating a total digitalization of Public Administration and its services. This priority mission, desired and defined by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Bassirou Diomaye Diakhar Faye, under the direction of his Prime Minister, Ousmane Sonko, and with the supervision of the ministry in charge of digital technology, constitutes our supreme commitment as that


The complexity of administrative procedures and the increased demands of public service users in terms of speed and efficiency have led the State of Senegal to create decentralized execution bodies...


The “Digital Senegal 2025” strategy was developed based on the guidelines set by the PSE. It embodies Senegal's ambition to maintain a position as an innovative leading country in Africa in the digital field...


The modernization of the Senegalese Administration through the dematerialization of administrative procedures; the rationalization of State IT expenditure by pooling and harmonizing choices...

A company focused on the future...

Senegal Numérique S.A. (SENUM S.A.) is a national company whose creation was authorized by Law 2021-39 of December 13, 2021, replacing the former State Informatics Agency (ADIE). Its missions include implementing the state's computerization policy and managing the digital infrastructure of the State 

In addition, she is responsible for leading and...

Our expertise

We help administrations tackle their greatest challenges by providing unparalleled services in the fields of strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and delegated operations management.

Defining new success strategies for the Administration by combining in-depth knowledge of their fields and an understanding of the impact of technological revolutions.
Supporting the transformation of the Administration by offering the best of our expertise to reshape their profession and stay competitive in the digital era.
Unlocking the potential of digital by creating new value drivers for the Administration through our expertise in analytics, design, DevOps, digital marketing, and mobility.
Administering and maintaining state infrastructure for systems, computer networks, and telecommunications.
Responsiveness, efficiency and rigor underpin our actions. Actions which are essentially based on a good quality policy

Some innovation figures

We collaborate and support several administrative structures in more than


countries in French-speaking Africa

Our commitment and expertise have allowed us to intervene effectively in more than


different sectors of activity

For the construction of the Administrative Intranet which is our digital base, more than


Km of optical fiber installed in the 14 regions

For data security and sovereignty, tier 3 data centers with a capacity of


TB were built for storage

The dematerialization of administrative procedures has been successful with more than


dematerialized procedures

To guide, assist and inform citizens, the public service's web platform has more than


documented procedures.

Pioneer in electronic waste recycling

The Center for Disabled People at Work (CHAT), key players in greener digital technology

As its environmental footprint continues to grow, the digital sector is...


Leadership, civic engagement, environmental engagement, inclusion and diversity...


Through its Director General Mr. Cheikh Bakhoum, ADIE was honored by the Senegalese customs administration. A certificate of merit was presented to the Director General for “outstanding services rendered to the international customs community”.

On the sidelines of the closing ceremony of FIDAK 2019 at CICES, a recognition award in the “Public Partner” category was awarded to Senegal Numerique SA. Remember that since 2015, the company has always been awarded this distinction.

This distinction was awarded to the former Managing Director Mr. Cheikh BAKHOUM, of Senegal Numerique SA during the 2017 Cauris d'Or night for his leadership at the head of the company.