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  4G LTE with TelRad
4G LTE with TelRad

This project, which is currently taking shape in Senegal, aims to disrupt the telecommunications landscape with major repercussions for the future. The Fixed 4G LTE Project, led by Senegal Numerique SA in partnership with the Israeli telecoms infrastructure equipment manufacturer, TelRad, marks the beginning of an era of technological progress and unprecedented accessibility.


This ambitious project is being deployed in a strategic context where several factors have converged to give rise to an imperative need:


1. The Obsolescence of Wimax Technology: Wimax technology, once popular, has reached a stage of inevitable decline, giving way to more efficient innovations.


2. The Maturity of Fixed 4G LTE Technology: Fixed 4G LTE has established itself as a reliable and fast solution to meet the growing needs for high-speed connectivity.


3. The Change in Status of Senegal Numerique SA: With the emergence of Senegal Numerique SA, the time has come to optimize the State's investments in digital infrastructure with a view to making them profitable.


4. The Growing Demand for Broadband Connectivity: In an increasingly connected world, the demand for broadband continues to grow, requiring innovative solutions.


5. The Alternative to FO Last Miles: The need for an alternative to fiber optic last miles was felt, thus offering greater flexibility in the deployment of connectivity.


Faced with these crucial issues, the Fixed 4G LTE project presents itself as an urgent and innovative response. Its main objective is to deploy fixed broadband connectivity infrastructure across the country, covering major cities and providing devolved administrations with access to digital services.


The specific objectives of the project include the establishment of a fixed 4G LTE network on a national scale, the interconnection of more than 1000 administrative structures to the intranet, the strengthening of the resilience of the last miles networks of Senegal Numerique SA , and reducing the digital divide by facilitating people's access to digital government services.


The success of this project is based on the acquisition of cutting-edge network equipment, the installation of installations throughout the country, and the in-depth training of Senegal Numerique SA teams to guarantee autonomous management of the infrastructure.


The expected results are colossal: improved coverage of large cities, increased infrastructure capacity, attraction of large-scale customers, and the possibility of marketing excess capacity of the state's digital infrastructure managed by SENUM SA.


Fixed 4G LTE with TelRad was officially launched on August 7, 2023 for a period of one year, marking the start of a new and promising era for digital technology in Senegal. The results of this project suggest a future rSenegal numeriqueux where broadband connectivity will be accessible to all, thus propelling Senegal to new technological and economic heights.

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