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  Démat' with Jway
Démat' with Jway

It is in a context of sustained dematerialization that Jway and Senegal Numerique joined forces as part of a project aimed at building a base to improve the policy of dematerialization of procedures for the Senegalese government and thehe institutions which are impacted by administrative burdens.

The long-term objective is to facilitate and simplify administrative procedures by integrating modeling and creation of forms on the fly, ease of integration with other information systems and ease of operation and management. dematerialized procedures. Meeting these requirements today is an imperative for Senegal Numerique which, beyond being the prime contractor for the computerization policy of the State of Senegal, ensures the continuity of requests for procedures and at the same time makes the link in the 46 departments of the country. 

Ultimately, this 12-month project between Jway and Senegal Numerique aims to increase the overall performance of Senegal Numerique in terms of dematerialization for the greater happiness of users of the public service and the Administration.

Senegal Numerique and Jway will have the role of promoting the industrialization of e-procedures in order to process hundreds of requests simultaneously. Getting Senegal Numerique to reach this cruising speed in dematerialization would definitively resolve the administrative burden and the latency time in processing files, a real challenge for our administrations. 

Alongside industrialization, it will also be a question of enriching the phygital (physical and digital) one-stop shop of Senegal Services into a fully digitalized window with the aim of allowing citizens and businesses to complete the procedures online and at home. Administration to take declarations into account to process them on time. Finally, it will be a question of finally allowing institutional partners (ministries, agencies) to benefit from their own workspaces while benefiting from the mechanisms and tools of Senegal Numerique.

Jway will make available to Senegal Numerique through the partnership, its FormSolution technology (FormPublisher to industrialize the creation of e-procedures) and FormServices to deploy e-procedures and manage files, the transmission of know-how to SENUM SA to enable him to achieve his goals independently.

Senegal Numerique intends to eventually dematerialize around 700 e-procedures for the Account of the State of Senegal. To date, out of the 100 priority procedures identified, 50 are dematerialized and 29 of these 50 are online and used.

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