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“Digitalization of Administration” is the central pillar of Senegal Numerique’s strategic development plan. Its main objective is to improve the quality and provision of public services, through the use of digital technology. Significant achievements have been made by ADIE in previous years, particularly on the dematerialization of administrative procedures.

Dematerialization aims to enable citizens to carry out their administrative procedures online on the one hand, and on the other hand for administrations to process requests electronically. It thus contributes to the promotion of an electronic, accessible, efficient and secure administration serving citizens.

Through the dematerialization of the building authorization request Teledac, ADIE at the time, Senegal Numerique today, had a generic SAFI platform which already integrated all the basic components necessary for dematerialization. These include, in particular, a telepayment service, workflow management, web services, digitization, electronic signature and identification.

This platform has now reached maturity and makes it possible to dematerialize a procedure in record time. It is therefore a question, through this platform, of offering the entire Administration a high-performance, easy-to-use system.

Senegal Numerique intends to eventually dematerialize around 700 e-procedures for the Account of the State of Senegal. To date, out of the 100 priority procedures identified, 50 are dematerialized and 29 of these 50 are online and used. Several sectors are concerned, notably town planning, tourism, justice, education, work and social security, the civil service, the interior, sport, consular civil status, the environment, competitive examinations. 'ENA.

Furthermore, work is underway to develop regulatory texts for the establishment of a governance framework for dematerialization.

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