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This project, as its name indicates, aims to improve Senegalese government messaging and build a secure platform for exchange, sharing, communication and collaboration for Administration agents. It consolidates a single directory for the entire Administration in order to facilitate sharing and communication between agents.

In addition to improving productivity, this new platform offers several innovative features:

• Professional emails with local data hosting,
• Integration of the structure into the Administration's single directory,
• Simplified search for contacts by authorization,
• Free communication between agents,
• Conference sessions in audio and video mode (Skype for business),
• Management and sharing of calendars by agents,
• Administration and reservation of different shared resources,
• Sharing information in a secure environment,
• Available at all times on different IT tools (telephone, tablet, computer, etc.)

Today all ministries have a personalized email address. More than 13000 Administration agents have a account.

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