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  PHM - Websites
PHM - Websites

In recent decades, the Government of Senegal has demonstrated its strong commitment to integrating good governance as well as the modernization of its communication system into national development strategies. This involves tracing, with the maximum possible objectivity and fidelity, citizen perception, institutional initiatives, new mechanisms and procedures introduced, key achievements, strengths and challenges in terms of governance.

A major challenge is to create the conditions so that the services offered by the Administration are “within reach” of users.

As part of the modernization of its information system, the State of Senegal, through Senegal Numerique, has decided to make modern institutional websites available to administrations.

Senegal Numerique SA, in accordance with its missions, including assistance and expertise in IT project management, helps structures to equip themselves with an efficient communication system.

The objective of institutional websites is to offer better visibility to administrative structures, while helping citizens in the search for information and knowledge of rights and duties. This entire system should, ultimately, provide users (citizens and businesses) with information relating to government activity.

To date, all ministries have a standardized website.

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