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The Public Administration Digitalization Program (PRODAP) is a Senegal Numerique project which aims first of all to strengthen the government intranet system as well as the intranet equipment to professionalize the network in order to optimize the service provided to the user. Then, the emphasis should be placed on the popularization of services and applications for the benefit of the administration in order to facilitate change management and the strengthening of digital skills. Finally, securing the supply of services occupies an important place in this PRODAP.

The components of the project, which revolve around three axes, are extensive enough to meet the specific objectives sought with different activities planned by area of ​​intervention.


The first axis concerns the purpose of the project, the ambition of which is to fully digitalize the administration through:

- consolidation of the existing Backbone network (network reinforcement, redundancy, emergency power supply)

- the integration of sites into the government intranet (Town Halls, CSF, ESS Perception etc.)

- the rehabilitation of local networks of interconnected sites

-the deployment of an emergency power solution for certain sites (photovoltaic solution for secondary sites, CSFs, Perception, Town Halls and ESS)

- IT hardware equipment (CDP, CSF, Town Hall, ESS, etc.)

- the deployment of a private administration cloud at the new Datacenter.


In the second axis, aspects related to deployment will be addressed:

- a professional messaging service for the administration which will be widely popularized;

- an electronic archiving solution and reinforcement of digitization procedures for archiving management; 

- an electronic mail management solution;

- a unified ToIP telephony solution;

- a unified platform for access and interoperability of public services;

- a platform for dematerialization of certain business services;

- a state IT master plan

- a support and awareness strategy for change management

- a strategy to improve digital skills (training and skills development). 

Axis 3

The third axis should make it possible to carry out the following actions:

- support for the integration of digital certificates in major applications (SIGFP, etc.)

- support and accompaniment for the implementation of a CERT/CSIRT

- audits and studies (security, network, system, etc.)


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