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  Smart Sénégal
Smart Sénégal


Smart Sénégal is initially a vision of the President of the Republic, Macky SALL, who wanted to make Senegal, by 2035, an emerging country in all sectors and in particular a continental digital hub: "In 2025 digital technology for all and for all uses in Senegal with a dynamic and innovative private sector in an efficient ecosystem. It is an ambitious and futuristic program, made up of 05 major projects to shape and permanently change the dimension of the digital sector of the State of Senegal. The objective set: to develop the use of the Internet in all sectors (agriculture, transport, housing, education, health, employment, citizenship, youth, etc.)

The achievements of Smart Sénégal, under the leadership of the Managing Director of Senegal Numerique SA, Cheikh BAKHOUM, have significantly improved the living conditions of Senegalese people throughout the national territory.

Smart Territories: Senegal Services spaces in all departments

Each of the country's 46 departments now has a functional Senegal Services Space (Pikine and Keur Massar share the same Senegal Services Space located in the commune of Yeumbeul Nord). On site, a single window connected to all Administrations allows administrative procedures to be carried out easily and quickly, right near you. This complements the platforms put in place such as TeleDAc for construction authorization in particular, the Unified State Personnel File with the management of administrative acts of State agents among other dematerialized services. The Espaces Sénégal Services also aim to support local economic initiatives through training and project incubation, particularly for young entrepreneurs. Daily services (insurance, multi-services, etc.) and one-off government programs (BAOS, PAMA, APIX counter, ANSD census, etc.) are also available there. 

This phygital one-stop shop (physical and digital) for delivering administrative services welcomes the employment and entrepreneurship center for women and young people at the departmental level. The long-term objective is to establish a Senegal Services Space in each commune of Senegal to strengthen territorial equity but also in certain capitals abroad to take care of the existential needs of the diaspora. 

SMART Education: Modernize teaching-learning

An innovative and beneficial digital experience is also what Smart Sénégal provides a living for thousands of pupils, students and teachers. Distance learning and wifi for all have become a reality in an interconnected school and university environment. The deployment of 10 lesson recording studios with network equipment and platforms, 25 inclusive multimedia rooms and 32 classes with interactive whiteboards has already had a positive impact on the quality of teaching in 8 public universities, including ENO, Cheikh Hamidou Digital University Kane (Ex-UVS), but also in 2 higher professional education institutes and in 32 middle and high schools. 


SMART Wifi: Accessibility, availability and user-friendliness

Smart Sénégal, it is also the possibility offered to more than a million users per day to benefit from free internet access: 120 “konnectel” wifi points have already been installed in public places throughout the territory. Among the most emblematic, we can cite Blaise Diagne Airport, Place de l'Independance in Dakar, Dakar Arena in Diamniadio, Baya Ndar in Saint-Louis, Cœur de ville in Kaolack and in most regional hospitals. 

This device can also be mobile and makes it possible to accompany our fellow citizens during major institutional events (symposia, international forums, councils of decentralized ministers, etc.), cultural (festivals, concerts), religious (Magal de Touba, Gamous de Kaolack and Tivaouane, Appel des Layennes, Ziarra Omarienne…) or even sports (Basket Ball African League).  

This initiative allowed users, in busy public places in Senegal, to have access to an internet connection that is available, secure and easy to use. And, above all, to have access to value-added services including streaming, vod, and multimedia content. 

Submarine cable: An international scale

Another innovation will facilitate access to the Internet for all Senegalese: the band passante of Senegal will experience a significant increase with the arrival of a new submarine cable. Deployed between Dakar and Praia and 720 km long with an initial transport capacity of 100 Giga bits per second and expandable up to 16 Tera bits / second, it allows Senegal Numerique SA to now directly access international capacity via the Ellalink cable in connection with our partner Cabo Verde Telecom. 

The “SHARE” submarine cable will make Senegal resilient in terms of connectivity and contribute to the democratization of Internet access for all segments of the population. More specifically, this new submarine cable will meet the Internet connectivity needs of the Administration and will contribute to the reduction of prices by diversifying the international capacity and IP Transit offers for Licensed Operators and Suppliers. Internet access (ISP). 

Safe City: Digital technology for security

Ensuring the well-being of populations also means guaranteeing better security of property and people. The “Safe City” or “Safe City” component of the program Smart Sénégal is already operational in 13 cities and 6 regions where latest generation video surveillance devices have been installed. Nearly 500 intelligent cameras connected to 4 command and visualization centers across the country (Dakar, Saly, Saint-Louis and Kaolack), allow defense and security forces to prevent dangers or intervene effectively in the event of between accidents, fire or attacks. This device is complemented by a functional communication system with at least 625 distributed devices. 

The benefits of the Safe City project are now part of the national public security system. The methods and tools already existing in the country have been largely strengthened and can thus better respond to the new challenges in terms of defense and security in the various urban areas of the country: Dakar, Guédiawaye, Pikine, Keur Massar, Rufisque-Diamniadio, Thiès, Mbour-Saly, Fatick, Kaolack, Ziguinchor, Touba-Mbacké and Saint-Louis.

These are latest generation surveillance, investigation and analysis devices, including an intelligent video surveillance system for streets, towns and neighborhoods with nearly 500 surveillance cameras deployed, an innovative radio communication system and secure to allow law enforcement to intervene effectively and quickly and the creation of decision support centers which centralize information in real time for effective intervention. 

This project, which makes cities safer, contributes significantly to improving the living environment of citizens with increased security for all.

The Diamniadio National Datacenter: showcase of Senegal’s digital sovereignty

Diamniadio is also at the heart of the project Smart Sénégal. In order to ensure sovereign management of the State's billions of data, the first national Tier 3 Datacenter was established in this city of the future. This hosting and storage infrastructure, symbol of our digital sovereignty, also reserves a technical room for SMEs, start-ups and the private sector. 

This jewel was inaugurated on June 22, 2021 by the President of the Republic MackySALL during a solemn ceremony on the Datacenter site itself, in the presence of members of the government and all stakeholders in the ecosystem. In his inaugural speech, the Head of State declared: “Implemented since January 2019, this program has started to deliver results in all regions of Senegal. Results that I had the pleasure of seeing for myself. Moreover, I have just had a videoconference session with governors, mayors, defense and security forces, university rectors and students, as well as some representatives of departmental youth councils. My discussions with these various managers at the territorial and knowledge center level were satisfactory. I was able, through their testimonies, to measure the importance and impact of the achievements in the 45 departments of Senegal.”

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