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The Tele-Application for Building Authorization (TeleDAC) facilitates the conditions for obtaining the building permit, through the complete dematerialization of the procedure thanks to the assistance of APIX, the ministry in charge of town planning, the Office Organization and Methods (BOM), the CPI, the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture (DUA) of the Order of Architects of Senegal (ODAS) and the financial partner Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF), among others the platform. TeleDAC, is operational within the cities of Dakar, Pikine, Guédiawaye and Rufisque and has extended to fifty-two (52) municipalities and ten (10) sub-prefectures of the Dakar region following the entry into force of the act 3 of decentralization which established, among other things, full-function municipalities in place of the former district municipalities. 

This project is part of improving the business climate which occupies an important place in Senegal's public policy agenda. It is at the origin of a set of measures which affect several sectors of national economic and social life. The dematerialization of building authorization has thus contributed to improving Senegal's ranking with a very clear reduction in file processing times and the costs involved. This is how in 2015, Senegal was able to move up ten places in the Doing Business ranking.

TeleDAC : Process your building authorization request on

TeleDAC has considerably contributed to the reduction of travel, charges (less 25% on costs borne by users) and corruption risks. The deadlines for processing and issuing a building permit go from a minimum of 3 months previously to around 28 days. TeleDAC, it is also know-how in the field of electronic archiving. Indeed, through the project, more than 200 building authorization application files were digitized, following the rehabilitation of the archive offices of the departmental town planning services of Dakar. This approach made it possible to secure and preserve the physical archives of building permits from the departments in the Dakar region.

The conclusive experience of the dematerialization of building authorization has shown all the benefits that it is possible to derive from the use of information and communication technologies. But above all to launch the dematerialization project of administrative procedures. This is how the acronym was labeled and now stands for Telerequest for Administrative Acts.

This platform has now reached maturity and makes it possible to dematerialize a procedure in record time. It is therefore, through TeleDAc (Remote Request for Administrative Acts), to offer the entire Administration an efficient, easy-to-use system.

Currently, dozens of administrative procedures are online on the TeleDAdac platform. Several sectors of the Administration are concerned, notably town planning, tourism, justice, education, work and social security, the civil service, the Interior, Sport, consular civil status, the environment. , the ENA competition, etc.


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