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  Digital Senegal, natural leadership assumed 
Digital Senegal, natural leadership assumed 

Senegal digital SA, through the missions that the State has entrusted to it as part of the execution of its IT policy, is today essential in the process of modernization of the Senegalese Administration. Former Prime Minister Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne did well to point this out in a circular note sent on December 14, 2015 to all ministries and their branches, reminding them that the former ADIE, which has now become digital Senegal, “remains the main structure for developing and monitoring the State's IT policy, and, as such, it must systematically be involved, from the start, in the definition and development of IT projects for all ministries and organizations to which she will be able to provide help and advice.”

The leadership inherited by Sénégal digital SA no longer needs to be demonstrated. Moreover, the company is called upon to play the role of driver of digital transformation in the Support Program for the Modernization of the Administration (PAMA) launched by President Macky Sall on August 5, 2019, with the dematerialization of administrative procedures and the establishment of Senegal Services spaces to improve the quality of public service. Previously, the entity had been able to make its mark in the Senegalese Administration by ensuring the management and execution of major IT projects while ensuring the consistency of the State information system, optimization and rationalization of expenditure. .

The expertise and leadership of Senegal Numérique SA are also recognized internationally. It benefits from the recognition of state and private structures in the countries of the sub-region, which regularly carry out benchmarking missions to draw inspiration from its operation, its mode of governance or its experience in the execution of projects such as FUDPE and projects related to Cybersecurity among others.

At the national level, it was under the leadership of the ancestor of Senegal digital that the establishment of an internet exchange point in Senegal was made possible at the end of 2016, which earned its Director General to be brought to the head of SENIX, to sustainably establish the sovereignty of Senegal over its data. 


CSR through digital solidarity

Create jobs, participate in territorial development, contribute to the well-being of populations, preserve the environment; Senegal digital SA leads a CSR policy fundamentally focused on social inclusion via digital technology. Much more than the Administration, our action impacts society in many ways.  

SENUM contributes to reducing the digital divide with the training program for disadvantaged social groups to facilitate their social and professional inclusion through digital technology. The empowerment of so-called “excluded” people promotes the acquisition of professional skills likely to be valued for the purposes of integration and the development of income-generating activities. This initiative, led by the Directorate for Waste Management of Electronic and Electrical Equipment (DGD3E), benefits nearly one hundred (100) young people, women and people with disabilities each year.  

The use of digital technology by all, for all and for all purposes, is one of the objectives of the State of Senegal. With this in mind, the project to install multimedia rooms in schools was launched in order to provide students with the IT tools necessary for better learning.

Senegal Numérique is also committed to promoting internet access to populations, by deploying WiFi access points in public places. This project is part of “the promotion of digital technology for all uses and everywhere in Senegal” which constitutes the heart of the vision of the Senegal Digital Strategy 2025. 


Environmental Commitment

Bringing people together through digital technology, making a long-term commitment, preserving the environment; we do more than technology, we help make the world a better place.  
We want to take you into a world where life will be good by inviting you to integrate the use of digital technology into your habits. By adopting digital technology and particularly dematerialization, we all contribute to the preservation of biodiversity because digitalization also helps reduce deforestation.

Very sensitive to sustainable development issues, Senegal digital SA, through the e-waste project also allows ecological recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment while creating wealth thanks to the circular economy. The recycling and dismantling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) limits the waste of natural resources necessary for their design, but also avoids the dissemination of pollutants that are very toxic for the environment.


Inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities

The company perfectly embraces the philosophy and spirit of the social orientation law which advocates for the socio-professional integration of vulnerable people or people with disabilities. The Center for Disabled People at Work (CHAT), where all computers and other electronic equipment are reconditioned, has the particularity of only hiring people with disabilities.

Attached to the DGD3E, the CHAT allows disabled people to overcome the barriers of their disability and to prove that disability does not necessarily rhyme with begging. SENUM thus contributes to the fight against social exclusion.

Because diversity promotes innovation, because diversity is wealth; Senegal digital takes this aspect into consideration in the method of recruiting agents by favoring competence beyond any other consideration. The company therefore does not discriminate in the method of recruitment, which ensures equal opportunities for candidates of all genders, from all social, ethnic, cultural and religious categories. This openness has made it possible to have a qualified and diverse staff.

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